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Best Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

memory foam pillowsAs far as bedroom comfort and luxuries are concerned, memory foam pillows have not only proven to offer invaluable plush but they are also well known for their health benefits. In this comprehensive memory foam pillow review, we will cover everything that is there for you to know concerning memory foam pillows and highlight some of the best ones.

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What is memory foam?

Why choose memory foam pillows?

Memory foam pillow buying guide

Best rated memory foam pillows

What is memory foam?

Why choose memory foam pillows?

Memory foam has unique properties that allow you to sleep through the night in comfort and with the support needed to ease pressure points. What’s so wonderful about memory foam pillows? Well if you suffer from any of the following problems, a memory foam pillow may be the answer.

1. Do you have neck problems?

2. Do you have chronic back problems?

3. Do you find yourself tossing and turning because you just can’t get comfortable?

4. Are you a never-ending snorer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the memory pillows can most likely help. If you don’t have any of these problems, then lucky you, but you will most probably prefer memory foam for its comfort over any other type of pillow!

Memory foam pillow buying guide


Overall best memory foam pillows












Memory foam pillows for Support

If you suffer from neck or back problems these pillows will provide you with support that conventional foam, synthetic, or down pillows cannot. This is because the unique material known as visco elastic has the ability to be soft yet very supportive. The denser material allows the pillow to provide the right amount of support to the head and neck area no matter whether you sleep on your side or your back.

The pillow which is temperature responsive molds to your head and neck, allowing a more natural alignment of your cervical spine. 

Instead of your head being somewhat pronated and strain being put on your neck, the memory foam pillow allows your head to sink into the foam – almost cradling it. The unique properties of the visco elastic foam (tending to return to its original state when cool) lets it return support where you need it, on your neck. Support is given to the curved part of your neck for better alignment of the spine, and in return this results in a good nights sleep for you.

If you have difficulty sleeping because you cannot get comfortable, this pillow has a cradling effect. Your head sinks gently into it, people have even said that it’s like resting your head on a cloud. The memory foam cervical pillow has also proven to help snorers. It has been found that if your neck and head are aligned properly the breathing passage is properly set reducing snoring.

Many people swear by the comfort and support of their pillows with memory foam technology. They rave about the best night sleeps they have ever had. So if you answered yes to any of those questions and you are looking for a solution to a good nights sleep then seriously consider investing in a memory foam cervical pillow.

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