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Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow, Queen Review

Conforma is undoubtedly a top notch brand when it comes to bedroom and sleeping luxuries. One product that got my attention from the brand is its memory pillow dubbed “Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow”. With all the skepticism that I always get whenever I come across something buzzing or being reviewed, I had to pause and check out this one, not because of what I heard or what I read, but because it was Conforma, and I know how the company is good in this. Wondering if I would recommend this Conforma memory foam pillow? Definitely, I would. Here is my take, opinion and how I feel about this memory foam pillow.

First off, the features

Here are some of the features that make this memory foam pillow, stand out.

-5 inches in thickness

-Porous and well aerated for perfect airflow with a cotton blend

– Dimensions: 27 x 16 x 4.5 inches

-Its shipping weight is 4.9 pounds

-Removable cover for easy replacement and cleaning

-CertipurUS Certified, free of any harmful materials

-Designed to cater for neck support and perfect spinal alignment

The Pros

Classic brands Conforma memory foam pillow is a medium firm pillow. If you hate your pillow because it is too stiff or too velvety, then I highly recommend that you consider this memory foam pillow.

Porous and well ventilated and Aerated Memory core- If you have been a victim of buying pillow after the other just because heat builds up while you sleep, then this is far from it. I love the freshness and the plush that this pillow offers when sleeping.

Supportive and Comfortable – If you are in need of something that offers substantial support while sleeping then, this one could be the right pillow for you.

Easy to wash –Some pillows are a nightmare to clean and one thing that I like with this one is that everything is very easy to deal with. The cover can be easily removed either for washing or replacing.

The cons

I personally have an issue with the scents which come with most of these new products and although most memory foam products aren’t harmful, it takes a few days before I cope. This is at least the one thing that I had to complain about with this pillow. But If you can cope for a few days, I recommend that you go with it.

Final Word

I have been a victim of buying stuff that end up in my junk bin the next day, and it’s all because of my ignorance. This pillow isn’t one of those ones though.

If you are looking for a durable, firm feel memory foam pillow that will give you a comfortable feel as you sleep, then this Classic Conforma memory foam pillow is one that I recommend. The pillow is designed for sleeping in all positions but I personally find it to be perfect for Side and back Sleepers as well as those people who would love a good neck support.

Get it here.

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