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Velky Bed Reviews – An Unbiased Review of Velky Mattress

RTIC has been a top brand for a while now and are now making an entry to the mattress industry with their Casper lookalike, the Velky Mattress. If you have tried or seen the Casper mattress before, then the first thing that comes to your mind on seeing the Velky mattress is – A Casper Clone! Well, the design from the outside is somewhat similar and perhaps some part of the structure too. The big question is: Does it live up to its sacred word to deliver the universal comfort it claims to?

Let’s dig deep into the mattress, uncover it and see if it a mattress worth going for.

Why Trust This Review?

With years of sleep-testing mattresses, we know what defines a good night’s rest and what appeals to different people with varied sleeping preferences. We also know the mattresses that can give you sleepless nights— and those that make you prefer sleeping on the couch the whole night.

We test and research various features on a mattress and we are never afraid to shame the scams when we come across such.  Among some of the things that we test in a mattress include; support and pressure relief, heat retention in a mattress, comfort, mattress elasticity and resilience, density, off gassing, motion transfer, bounce, sagging among other things. Our reviews are unbiased and we only put down factual findings. Our review contains factual findings on the mattress and important things that you should know. We hope the review helps you decide.

Velky Mattress Structure

Velky Mattress ReviewRTIC being a well graced brand has done what needs to be done to make a rattling good entry into the mattress world with something great to offer.

The mattress comes in a box and unboxing it is something that is so simple and takes a few minutes. It is highly compressed, so you should let it expand for about an hour.

The mattress is designed with 3 layers, each perfectly quilted to meet its purpose. The top most layer comprise of a 2” Open-Cell Latex layering. This layer is designed to offer top notch comfort as well as use its open-cell technology to ensure that heat buildup is well taken care of.

The second layer is made of a 2″ contour memory foam layer which is meant to increase comfort and how the mattress contours to your body. The layer has the perfect density that ensures your body weight is well distributed and you get the best comfort.

To give you added support and ensure that the two layers give you the best experience, there is an added supportive layer of 6” high density foam. The 6 inch thickness of this layer combined with its density gives excellent support (more support than most mattresses that we have reviewed).


Although Velky mattress is advertised as a medium firm (not too soft and not too firm), we feel that it mostly tips to the firm side as compared to the mattresses that we have reviewed here.

On a firmness scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the firmest, we’d rate it with a 7 (7/10).

Motion Transfer & Sinkage

If you have a sleeping partner, then one thing that you don’t want to experience is motion transfer. Whenever the other person shifts positions or turns, you shouldn’t feel any kind of motion on your end. A good night sleep is one that give you such nightmares and disturbances as you sleep.

With Velky bed mattress, there is hardly any noticeable motion transfer and the sinkage is almost half an inch deep for someone who is medium weight. And compared to other mattresses, the sinkage is minimal but excellent for a firm mattress.

Breathability And Eco-Friendliness

Something else that you don’t want to find yourself in is sleeping on a cloud of chemicals without knowing. Many mattresses in the industry today are made of synthetic materials that could sometimes be harmful and could get one into long term complication. As such, it is important to always make sure that the mattress you sleep on is certified and vetted to perfectly meet the required standards.

Velky mattress has been verified and certified under Certipur-US® certification which affirms that this is a mattress that is breathable, healthy and environmental friendly. Centipur-US is an independent body which tests for;

-Ozone depleters

-PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants

-Mercury content , lead and among other heavy metals

-Formaldehyde and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions

Heat Retention

Don’t we all just hate to a mattress that gets us sweating all night? Heat retention is something that is very common with many memory foam mattresses. Lucky enough, Velky bed is one mattress that you don’t have to worry about sweating and experiencing heat all night. The 2 inch latex layer that uses open cell technology has been used to augment sleeping experience and giving you a long night of sleeping cool.

Is A Box Spring Needed For Velky mattress?

You do not need a box-spring to lay your Velky mattress. However, we highly recommend you check out the Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed, something that has been working for many mattresses. Folks at Velky also recommend that the mattress should have a flat surface to lay on.

Warranty & Trial

Velky bed mattress sells through Amazon. Any mattress and product sold though Amazon comes with a 30 day trial, which is also enough for you to decide whether that is the mattress that you’d like to sleep on for the coming years.

The mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty which covers material and workmanship defects.

Who Is Velky Mattress For?

Heavy people will find Velky bed mattress to be supportive and offer sufficient cuddling and body contouring.

If you are also looking for a n affordable mattress that comes with premium features then Velky is one worth considering. For a fraction of the cost, you could be sleeping on a cloud.

Who is Velky Mattress No For?

If you are looking for a soft plushy mattress, then this might not be the mattress for you. If you consider yourself a light person and prefer a soft mattress, then you might not like the Velky mattress since it is rated as a firm mattress.

Do We Recommend Velky Mattress?

Velky Mattress ReviewFor anyone looking for a firm mattress that has good support and a reasonable budget, you will find the Velky mattress to be one super-bargain. While it may not completely deliver top notch sleep quality as compared to other mattresses like Casper and Purple, it still is a good investment—especially with the fact that it comes at a fraction of these other mattresses.

Apart from the fact that this mattress will mostly appeal to people who love firm mattresses (of which it does to top perfection),  it is a good bet for your money and could end up being one of your best investments. If we were to rank the best firm mattresses, Velky would surely be among the ones topping the list.