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Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp memory foam mattress is design with comfort in mind. Memory foam conforms to the contours of an individuals’ body and helps to properly align the spine to alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Features:

  • Comes in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes
  • Has two layers of memory foam
  • Open Cell memory foam technology
  • Comfort layer is 2.5 inches and 3 pounds of memory foam
  • Base layer is 9.5 inches of support foam
  • Therapeutic support
  • Pressure point relief and support
  • Poly cotton mattress cover
  • 80 inches long by 60 inches wide by 12 inches high
  • 20 year warranty

Design and Features

The Sure Temp 12 inch memory foam mattress has two different layers of memory foam. The first layer is designed to be breathable has open cell technology like most memory foam mattresses. This allows for the sleepers body heat to be regulated by the mattress which keeps them cool throughout the night. The second layer is a firmer layer that is for support. The combination of both layers makes the memory foam mattress a good choice for someone that is looking for a firm but soft mattress that will conform to their bodies.

Memory foam mattresses are designed to huge the contours of the body but it still provides the support that is needed to help with back, neck, and shoulder pain. Some that have purchased memory foam mattresses have found that they can be a little too firm but they usually get used to it after a period of time. They have also noted that it takes a week or two to get used to sleeping on the memory foam mattress and that some experienced back pain until their bodies adjusted to sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Once they have adjusted to the mattress conforming to their bodies they have noticed that it does indeed help their backs, necks, and shoulders.

The SureTemp Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress not only helps to realign the spine and is therapeutic but it also helps to disperse movement between partners. It is design to provide sleepers with the best sleep possible. If their partner rolls over they do not feel it as the movement is absorbed by the mattress. Many that purchase this type of mattress have noticed that they do not roll over or wake up as often as they did when they had a traditional mattress. The medium firm mattress gives sleepers relief from pressure points that may cause them to wake up throughout the night this is also another reason why those that purchase memory foam mattresses get more sleep.

This SureTemp memory foam mattress helps to regulate the sleepers’ body temperature as do most memory foam mattresses. This Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress comes with open cell technology that helps keep the sleeper cool throughout the night. Some mattresses have been known to make sleepers hotter as they sleep but this memory foam mattress is designed to keep sleepers cool. Some sleepers do experience the hotness that can be related to a memory foam mattress but other do not so it may just be an issue that is related to the individuals’ body heat and not the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic which means they fight off allergens and dust mites making them highly desirable for individuals that have allergies or asthma.

Those that have purchased this memory foam mattress have noted that there is a smell similar to fresh paint when they first open up their memory foam mattress. Although the smell can be overwhelming at first after the mattress is aired out for a day to a couple of days the smell goes away. Many that purchase this mattress agree that it is a firm mattress and it is firmer than they typically like or want but they eventually get used to it. They warn others that if they are considering a memory foam mattress they should be aware that it is a firm mattress. Many that think it is too firm work around it by adding a pillow top to the mattress which makes it a little softer. Another issue that although the cotton cover is removable individuals are warned against removing it as if they do the warranty is void. Some that purchase a memory foam mattress may be expecting more contouring than there actually is. Many memory foam mattresses create dips around the body especially with heavier individuals or when there are two individuals in the bed. Some memory foam mattresses dip more than others it simply depends on how the mattress is made. Many users of the 12 inch SureTemp Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress have found that it does not contour as much as other memory foam mattresses do. This is a good thing for some people and others would prefer more cushion. With memory foam mattresses too much contouring can make it difficult for an individual to move or roll over in their sleep not enough can make the mattress uncomfortable, it all depends on what the sleeper is looking for and what they like. But many agree that the SureTemp mattress is ideal and does not make it difficult to roll over in their sleep. Also memory foam mattresses typically begin to sag after continuous use, this means that the body imprint stays and the mattress does not “inflate” after the sleeper gets up. Many find that by rotating and flipping the mattress works to avoid this, but those that have purchased the SureTemp mattress does not sag even after a year or two this is good as it means the open cell technology holds up well and no mattress flipping is needed to maintain the firmness and shape of the mattress.

Overall the 12 inch SureTemp Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress is a good mattress for the money. Many individuals like how it contours their bodies and gives them a good night’s rest.

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