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Serta 12-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress mixes in the spirit of technological experimentation for better results with the highly effective 1960s NASA tech of memory foam with modern gel beads to create a novel and very comfortable approach to bedding. Available in twin, Full, Queen, California King, and King sizes, this mattress offers a slightly different sleeping experience than the usual memory foam mattress.

Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress Offers Three layers of foam for finely tuned support!

serta mattress layers

serta layers

The Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress includes not two layers of foam like most memory foam mattresses (which typically place several inches of memory foam atop some resilient base foam), but three, creating a custom surface to give you a restful night’s sleep. The top layer consists of 2 ½” of memory foam filled with gel beads for additional comfort and support. Underneath this is another 2 ½” layer, this one of convoluted foam for softness, springiness, and air circulation.

Since the convoluted foam is a tall “egg crate” style layer, with peaks and hollows alternating, there is plenty of air space under the main memory foam layer. This helps to keep the bedding fresher and also draws excess heat away, preventing uncomfortable buildup, especially in the summer or late spring. Underneath this is the expected layer of base foam, 7” thick.

Overall support to make you feel comfortable and refreshed!

The actual sleeping experience of the Serta Gel Foam mattress is a mix of refreshing softness and firm support. Of course, it is necessary to sleep on the surface of the mattress to get the full effect; additional pads block body heat from the memory foam and prevent it from softening, leading to a hard, non-conforming bed.

The “sinking” or “dimpling” effect is moderate; you don’t sink deeply into this mattress, but the moderate sinking effect provides support and comfort for the entire body. The gel in the top layer of foam makes the Serta 12-Inch slightly more luxurious for your enjoyment.

Pleasant warmth without excessive heat, less aches and pains!

The memory foam of the Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress offers just the surface needed to ease back, neck, and hip pains in people of all ages. With its ability to relieve pressure points, and to support joints and the spine itself at their natural angles rather than “pushed up” or sagging down, this mattress lets you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed rather than stiff and sore.

There is no material on Earth that does not accumulate some heat from your body when you are lying on it, and in fact, if there was a completely warmth-free material that transmitted all heat away, it would be as uncomfortable and possibly dangerous as a slab of ice.

The Serta does indeed warm up when you are lying on it. However, air circulation is good enough so that it never gets hot and sweaty – a pleasant, cozy warmth is the normal maximum. It is even slightly cooler in hot weather than other memory foam mattresses thanks to the additional cooling effect of the gel beads embedded in the top layer. This item of bedding is warm in the winter and relatively cool in the summer, increasing your comfort in all seasons.

Quick and easy setup takes up little of your time!

The Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam mattress is quite heavy, so two or more people will likely be needed to carry it to the foundation or box spring where you are planning to set it up. However, once you get it there, setup is extremely easy and even a bit entertaining, depending on your personality.

Once the highly compressed mattress is freed from its packaging, it rapidly expands, reaching full size in about 72 hours – do not sleep on it before then as it will seem hard and unyielding, though this is not actually the case. There is a low level of “new plastic” smell that takes a day or two to dissipate, but this is only to be expected from literally any memory foam product and is not a flaw of the Serta specifically. The smell is mild for most people, and soon lessens and vanishes on exposure to the open air.

The setup of this mattress couldn’t be simpler – position it, open the package, give it some time to expand to full size, and sleep on it!

Decent warranty period protects your investment and makes you more relaxed!

Not only is this mattress much more affordable than name brand mattresses that offer little or no additional comfort, it is also protected by a 20 year warranty. The fine print of this warranty reveals that it includes one full replacement of the mattress (though of course, it needs to be shipped to the customer service address, in a vast package, for proper replacement).

The warranty also specifically states that a permanent “dent” or body impression in the foam which is deeper than 1 ½” is a defect that merits replacement. This is useful information since it also shows that a normal Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam mattress will acquire only shallow permanent body impressions over the course of its 20 year useful lifespan.

Adapts quickly to your pose when you want to crash out fast!

With the Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress, there seems to be no need to wait for a long period for the foam to conform to your body contours. When you roll over, you will naturally move out of a slight dip, which takes a brief period of acclimation to get used to. However, the mattress’ material shifts to cup your body comfortable within a matter of seconds once it has warmed up, so you will stay equally comfortable even if you sleep in several different poses overnight. If the room is cool or cold, the first “conforming” may take slightly longer, but the Serta flows well and forms a perfectly snug, supportive “dimple” for you to rest in and get a quiet, refreshing night’s sleep.

Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress Product features:

  • 12-Inch three layer memory foam and gel bead mattress with excellent air flow for cooling.
  • 2.5” of gel bead memory foam, 2.5” of convoluted foam, 7” of base foam.
  • Deluxe cover for luxurious comfort and easy cleaning.
  • Sets itself up; expands fully in 72 hours after packaging is removed.
  • Normally does not form permanent impressions deeper than 1” over 20 years.
  • 20 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


Thick, supportive, moderately soft foam mattress provides a good night’s sleep; excellent support without pressure points; spine and neck assume their natural alignment, and sore hips are far less likely also; gel provides extra cooling in the summer; foam adapts quickly and does not normally develop a permanent impression deeper than 1” or so; 20 year limited warranty from manufacturer.


Edge support is not provided (so it is difficult to sit on the edge for more than a second or two); too firm for some; heavy enough to require several people for installation.

Final word:

This Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam Mattress definitely is very popular amongst consumers and with all the positive feedback that has been received for this product , it really does live up to its expectations. I give this product a massive thumbs up. After scouring the Internet and checking out various stores, the I could find for this particular product was on Amazon who have some amazing discounts for the whole range of Serta mattresses for you to go and check out.

Hope this review has been helpful.

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