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Saatva Mattress Reviews – Best Mattress Reviews

Is the Saatva Mattress the plushy slumber you have been dying for? Read on… We all know that sleep is very essential for a healthy life. It helps to restore our brain and body to effectively run the daily errands. A peaceful and comfortable night sleep depends on many things such as room temperature, stress level etc. But the basic thing on which a good sleep depends is the quality of the slumber that you lay on. A poor mattress can interfere your sound sleep. In the market you will get several type of mattress. But you have to be very careful while choosing it. If the mattress is too soft then your pressure point will not get the support and if the mattress is too hard it will give pressure to your body. All this give you an achy night. So if you are looking for a perfect then Saatva mattress can be the best choice.

What is Saatva Mattress?

Before delving deep onto our comprehensive Saatva Mattress review it is important to know just a little about it. Saatva is a luxury coil mattress. Cutting edge technology has been used which will give a peaceful sound sleep. Edge is covered with foam providing a huge sleeping surface. The top is well cushioned to provide comfort. Firm, luxury firm and plush soft are the three comfort level available in the market.

Comfort level

The posture of sleeping varies from person to person. Keeping this in mind Saatva mattress will provide you three different comfort level which is mentioned above.

Some people like sleep on their stomach or on their back in a floating position. Firm mattress is just okay for them.

Luxury firm is good for those who constantly change their posture while sleeping. It is just perfect for couple. But at the same time it is comfortable for those who sleep on their back and stomach.

Plush soft is comfortable for side sleepers.

Who is Saatva mattress for?

  • Good for those who sleep on back or stomach
  •  If you are looking for something plushy and love to sleep on the cloud
  •  If you prefer sleeping on a medium to firm mattress (Saatva offers different choices of firmness)

Luxury firm mattress


  • Best for those who constantly change position during sleeping
  • It supports all sleeping position
  • If you don’t like too soft or to firm mattress then this is an ideal one

Plush soft

  • You will feel cozy while sleeping
  •  If you love to softy then this mattress will provide you super soft comfort
  •  If you prefer to sleep sideways then this mattress will fit you.


Before discussing in details have a quick look on the features

  • Anti sagging with maximum comfort
  • It does not smell when it is new
  • It will get fit whatever the size of your room.
  • Split mattress
  • Luxury pillow top
  • Constructed with innerspring
  • Well ventilated

Some mattress during delivery smells very bad. But Saatva mattress does not smell during delivery. Most of the mattresses are made with memory foam. Bio soy foam is used in making the Saatva mattress. While manufacturing this bio soy foam quickly off-gasses. Mattresses which are made of memory foam generally come in air tight package. It takes a few days to get off the gas which is really very difficult in winter season and in an apartment, but this not happen with Saatva mattress. Once the foam is constructed in the mattress it will be totally odorless. This smell free mattress is really suitable for pregnant woman and those who have tendency of allergy.

You will get the mattress in 6 different sizes. So you have option to choose according to your room size.

One of the important features is the split mattress. The king and the queen mattress are available in split features. This makes the delivery process much easier.


The mattress comes with luxury euro style pillow top which is build up with finest padding material with 2 inches thickness. An organic cotton cover has been used to cover the top of the mattress. It works as a good ventilation. Just under the pillow top the foam has been so constructed that work as pressure reliever. Again just under the foam there is tempered steel coils which help to increase support and also anti sagging.

People are now very much health conscious. That’s why Saatva mattress is also focusing on the health benefit and that’s why using innerspring construction. Many people have a tendency of sweating while sleeping. The ultra premium innerspring construction allows the evaporation of the water due to perspiration. These prevent the germ accumulation keeping you healthy.

The mattress allows air ventilation. It is designed in such a way so that heat can be easily released. People with light sleep usually get awake in the mid night as the mattress get hot. This is due to the mattresses which are constructed with memory foam. But the Saatva helps to keep the mattress cool without interfering your good night sleep.

 Comfortable Motion System

This is one of the great features of these mattresses. People have a tendency of changing position while sleeping. As the mattress is featured with individually wrapped coil it will not move even if you change your position constantly. As the coils are individually constructed it will not create any vibration or movement.


It is always better to use a foundation with the mattress. It will provide you comfort, durability and also act as anti-sagging. Saatva offers you foundation of 4’’ and 8’’.

How to take care of the Saatva mattress?

It is very important to rotate the mattress after 6 month of its delivery. But don’t flip. While rotating the mattress take one helping hand. The mattress is designed with quality component which make it heavy. So don’t rotate it alone as it may cause injury.


Use antibacterial soap in a very small amount with a damp sponge along with warm water to clean the mattress. But be careful don’t get the mattress saturated with water. If it happens then steam vacuum to dry it. If you don’t get any steam vacuum then let it get dry by itself.


Don’t use a typical mattress pad. A thin protector is just enough. This mattress is already padded. If you again use pad it will make it more firm than its usual one. So you will not get the actual feeling of the mattress.



  •  It is extremely relaxing and provides you an ache free morning.
  •  It is constructed with both foam and innerspring
  •  It is extremely comfortable. No matter how you sleep. It will definitely give you a comfort zone. You will feel cozy while sleeping.
  •  Organic pillow top. It is very soft and well ventilated.
  •  The edge of the mattress is well supported. So you are getting a huge surface to sleep. As the edge is strongly supported you have no chance to fall down.
  •  You will get Saatva in different price depending on the size of the mattress. And you get several options to choose the size of the mattress.
  •  It is designed in such a way so that it can give the support in the middle of the mattress. This eliminates the chance of breakdown.


  •  It has a non adjustable base due to its heavy coil construction.
  •  It is too heavy. You have to very careful while rotating the mattress.


It is said that Saatva mattress is made up of high quality components. It will long last for at least 12 to 15 years. It is highly sustainable.

How does it work for pain relief?

As discussed earlier that poor quality mattress are always responsible for an achy morning. If you woke up in the morning and feel that you have severe low back pain that means you are on the wrong mattress.

If you go for it without changing the mattress it will definitely gives you a fatigue morning. You will hardly found any interest to work further. According to a research people who sleep on medium to firm mattress generally have low back pain rather than those who sleep in softer mattress.

This Saatva mattress will really make you feel comfortable if you have hip, joint or back pain. You will really feel relax as it gently support and nourish your hips, back, shoulder and over all joints. As the mattress has euro top pillow it will provide enough cushioning in addition with strong support for your spine.

Spinal zone sleep technology has been used to construct Saatva mattress. An active wire support has been given to the mattress supporting its centre. This will act as back pain reliever and also give firmness to the spine. Miss-alignment of spine can reward you several sleepless nights. The spinal zone helps in correcting spinal alignment so that you can have a sound sleep. This zone goes with any type of body structure. It helps in weight distribution, decrease pressure point and also provide extensive range of support. So this mattress increases the quality of sleep.

Snoring is a common issue while sleeping particularly for your partner. This can create a great issue in your married life. This happen especially with back sleepers. Other than snoring back sleepers also suffers from sleep apnea and other breathing troubles. Strains airway is responsible for it. Another cause is the weak support system of the mattress. When your back gets good support, air can easily flow into the lungs without any restriction. So there will be no issues of snoring and other breathing trouble. Additionally, by improving your airflow management you’ll also improve overall oxygenation of the body. As your oxygenated cell get revive it will maintain the regulation of your internal temperature better. If the regularity is not maintained you may fell hot while sleeping at night. The improvement of the blood flow helps to maintain muscle pain, shoulder pain and back pain.

How does Saatva compare with Other mattresses?

Saatva boast for its firmness and comfort level. Motion isolation in Saatva is considered as better than any other innerspring construction.

If you want to go organic then Saatva is just good for you. Saatva can be well defining as green business model. So the materials which they use in constructing the mattress are green. It has been already said that the organic cotton has been used to make the outer cover of the bed. The bio based foam has been used and recycle steel for making the steel. The mattresses are anti allergens. The foam is not processed with chemicals which can be harmful for pregnant woman and those who have tendencies of allergies.

Noise like squeaking of the coil is very common in the mattress which can be considered as one of the disturbing element for sleep. If you move around that shrill sound it will definitely interfere with your sleep. But the innerspring are so crafted that it is squeak free. But it does not mean Saatva is totally quite but not as louder as other.

Customer care of the Saatva is great. They do not charge any cancellation fee. If they fail to place the order on time the order can be easily cancelled. They will refund you even with delivery fee. They will not hesitate to bring another bed for free of course on the delivery date that you choose. If the mattress get damaged you can easily call them and they will be at your door step and will exchange the mattress at free of cost as soon as possible. You will always find a friendly behavior from the customer care service.

Saatva will provide you the facilities of best home trial which will last for 75 days. So you will get a chance to identify with the advantage and disadvantage of the mattress. So if you feel that you are not comfortable with the mattress you can return it easily paying only the delivery charges. If you find it defective Saatva mattress will help in replacing it. They will also replace it at a discount for 15 years without charging a pick up fee, only delivery. So you don’t have to take any headache regarding its replacement and damage. What you have to do is just give them a call.

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