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Purple mattress Review – Unbiased Review of Purple Mattress

Purple mattress happens to not only be one of the latest mattresses to hit the industry, but also a unique one that seems to have something special to offer. After seeing the mattress creating a buzz on forums, commercials and on social media as well as also getting some questions on whether we were going to review the mattress, we decided to take some time to check out the Purple mattress.
After about 11 months of sleeping on the purple mattress and rigorous testing, we have some facts and findings for you which hopefully will help you figure out if it is a mattress that you want to lay on. Please note: Some mattresses may not work for some people while it could be a salvation to others— so please take your time to go through this review and see if this is it. Without pulling punches, here is our unbiased in-depth review of the Purple mattress.

Why Trust Our Purple Mattress Review?

We have been testing lots of sleep products over the years and we understand what it means to get a good sleep. We also know the nightmares that one may go through with a bad choice of mattress – and we never want anyone to go through that. Our reviews are unbiased and we only put down factual findings. We are also never shy to shame the dregs when we come across such unbearable caveats.

And since a thorough review cannot be based on a single data-point, we go that extra mile to aggregate reviews from dozens of top consumer review sites.

The short version of Purple mattress review:

If you are in a hurry and just want the short version of the Purple mattress review , here it is. Purple mattress is a uniquely designed mattress and has demonstrated impressive performance. It has inspired positive reactions among thousands of users and beyond being a champ in pressure relief, it also boasts being excellent in edge support, sleeping cool and in motion transfer.

Who is Purple mattress for?

-It is recommended for anyone looking for a mattress that helps in relieving pressure, offers good edge support and conforms well to the body.
-Great for people sleeping in multiple positions – whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or a back sleeper; you’ll enjoy the comfort of lying on Purple mattress.

Note:- Some side sleepers have had mixed reaction about Purple and we recommend that if you are light weight and sleep on your side, you take advantage of the trial period to find out if the mattress is perfect for you.
-Purple is recommended for anyone who desires a medium firm to mid soft feel.
-For people who want a mattress that is cool (Impressive in sleeping cool.) The cover is also great in keeping off heat at night.
-Good for people who like to get the best of both worlds: firm + soft, thanks to its unique smart-comfort grid cell wall that has specific weight and pressure threshold.

Who is it not for?

If you don’t want a heavy mattress for whatever reasons you have, then don’t go for Purple. Purple has clearly stated why the mattress is heavy and their reasons why it should be that way.

Do we recommend it? Definitely— we’ve tested the mattress in and out and in one way or the other, it exceeded our expectations. Given the evident performance and the ingenious fabrication, this is a mattress that offers great value. There is also a 100 nights no obligations trial, so why not go for it and see if it is good for you— If not, the guys at Purple are willing to take it back and give you full refund.

In-depth Purple Mattress Review

First off unboxing the mattress is just the normal routine, pretty much the same as you would unpack any other modern mattresses. It comes in a purple zipped bag and it shouldn’t be a brain-fag to unzip and unbox it. We recommend that you set it up on a foundation to avoid the stress of moving it later (Could end up being a pain moving it later because of its weight).

The Purple Mattress Structure

Purple mattress is made up of a unique material – It isn’t memory foam and neither is it made of latex like many people are guessing (It’s more of a hybrid). The mattress structure features 3 layers; 2 Inches of hyper-elastic polymer, 3.5 inches of polyurethane and another 4 inches of heavier polyurethane.
The first layer of the mattress is purposely made to improve cooling and comfort and also works to improve pressure relief. The layer is structured from a new technology which Purple calls the smart grid.

The second layer which is otherwise known as transitional layer works as the name suggests; providing transitional support.
The third layer which is made of 4 inch thick polyurethane is meant to provide a solid foundational base.
The mattress also comes with a soft, stylish knit white breathable cover made of 27% viscose, 69% polyester and the remaining 4% being polyester-lycra.

Pressure relief

When it comes to pressure relief, you’ll surely love Purple. If you have been having problems and always wanted to lie on a bed that conforms well to your body without being a drat, then Purple mattress is a must try. We have as well done tests, enough to confirm that this is a great choice of mattress from a pressure relief angle.

Talking of the raw egg test, we did a successful test and honestly, this is something we had never done before with other mattresses. Why we did it? It seemed cool at first, but additionally after some background research we were convinced that there could be some sense in using an egg to test for pressure relief in a mattress.

Good for Back Pain or Neck Pain?

Back and neck pain are common issues with many people and finding a good mattress that helps them alleviate the pain is a true redemption. Good enough, Purple mattress designers seem to have understood every bit of this. The mattress structure and materials (hyper-elastic polymer and two layers of polyurethane foam) plays an important role which has seen many users swear by it.

If you are a back sleeper, your back should always retain a natural curve without making you feel uncomfortable or strenuous. There doesn’t seem to be any strains or discomfort while sleeping with your back on this mattress. If you are a side sleeper, comfort demands that your spine should be in a straight line when you sleep and Purple seems to understand that.

Motion Transfer

With lots of bounciness, one would expect the mattress to have some kind of disturbing motion transfer. Apparently, the mattress is very stable and you could even put a glass of water on one side, lie on the other side and still expect no motion transfer.
It perfect for couples and regardless of the difference in weight, you will not experience more sinkage on one side than the other or bother the other person while sleeping.

purple mattress review motion transfer

Softness & firmness

The mattress has a unique feel and on a firmness scale, we would rate it at 7 out of 10. It also has a good bouncy effect and springs back easily much like you will see in high end latex mattresses.

Does the Mattress Sleep hot?

Mattress getting hot while you sleep is something common in many mattresses, mostly with memory foam. Luckily with purple mattress, that’s far cry — in fact it’s one of the coolest mattresses that we have tested, thanks to the unique cooling mechanism and structure of the mattress. The top layer which is made of 2 inches of hyper-elastic polymer and its cover are purposely designed to help provide cooling which seems to be working perfectly.

Is there Off-gassing? (Smell)

The presence of smell is almost non-existent, especially with the soft breathable cover. You might notice just a little smell which all fades out within the first week. Needless to say that the little smell is non-toxic and Purple is CentiPur certified meaning it is certified to have no formaldehyde, no mercury, VOC and other unhealthy foam elements.

Other things worth noting About Purple Mattress

Where is the mattress made?

Purple is an American made mattress and at the moment only ships across the US.

Do you need a foundation for the Purple mattress?
You don’t necessarily need to have a foundation to sleep on your Purple mattress. You just need a sturdy surface, so whether you choose to lie on the floor, have a good fitting box foundation or an adjustable bed— it’ll all work just fine.

What is the weight of Purple mattress?
Queen size weighs 110 lbs.
King size weighs 140 lbs
Twin XL weighs 70 lbs.

What’s the warranty of the mattress?

Purple mattress comes with a 10 year warranty and a 100 nights no obligation trial.

How much weight can Purple mattress support?
Purple mattress is designed to hold up to 600 lbs. The manufacturer further assures users to not be more worried about the comfort if you are heavy, but to be honest we are somehow not convinced that a heavy people could really savor from this bed. Why? The mattress is still new in the industry and we are yet to see or find out how a heavy person (over 250 lbs) can enjoy the same comfort and support as a 100 lbs person would from a 9.5” thick mattress—nothing objective, just skeptic on this one.

What are Purple mattress dimensions?
The King size mattress measures approximately 75.5” X 79.5” X 9.5”. The shipping dimensions in Length X diameter measures 76” X 16”. The mattress is thinner than most top notch mattresses, but the material used is also heavy.

How is the sinkage of Purple mattress?
The mattress sinkage ranges from 1 inch to about 4.5 inches depending on the pressure exerted and on which point. Sitting on the edge for a person weighing 150lbs sinks 1 inch. The same person lying on the center with the weight spread out sinks about 1.5 inches. And you’ll love the bouncy nature and springing back for sure.

How much does the Purple mattress cost?
The mattress cost varies depending on the size. Click on the link to see the current price tag of the mattress and also read what others have to say about it.

Purple mattress is available only in three sizes.

More about returning back the mattress
Should you try the mattress and still don’t feel happy with it before the end of 100 nights, you should call Purple to claim your “No Pressure” refund. Since the mattress is heavy and could end up being a big hassle to pack it, the manufacturer makes it easier for you by finding a local donation center to come pick it up. And you’ll get a full refund!

Is it good for Sex?
A good mattress for sex is defined by the pressure relief and bounciness which is all evident with the Purple mattress. It also not stiff and given its unique soft feel, we’d argue that it’s one of the best when it comes to sex matters.

Does Purple offer Financing?
Purple mattress offers financing through the third party Affirm which is done monthly. If you intend to go with their financing option, all you have to do is choose Affirm while checking out which will then lead you to Affirm’s website.

Customer Service
Purple’s customer service has been great and there seems to be no technical issues at all. They are responsive through emails and also answer questions through the online support desk.

Durability of the Purple mattress:
Of course it’s really hard to tell the durability and longevity of the service that this mattress will serve you since it is a new mattress in the industry. But at least there is a 10 year warranty which at least assures you that it’s meant to last.

Final Word:
With its distinct waft of pressure relief, comfort, unique design and support there is little doubt that this is mattress will be a disappointment. In all honesty, this mattress can’t be matched with many that we’ve tested before. Getting the mattress for $1,299 for the King size is a steal and could probably be the best investment that you will ever make. Just like the guys at Purple say “It’s a $5,000 mattress for $1,000” which straight-from-the-shoulder is easy to believe.

Where to find Discount? Here is the best deal at the moment.

Have any Questions about this Mattress? Let us know in the comments and we will do our best to answer them from the experience that we’ve had with the mattress.

To highlight the Purple mattress and some of it’s upsides, here is how it compares to two exceptional mattresses that have been around for a while.

Purple Mattress Bear Mattress Tuft & Needle
User Satisfaction 80% 75% 78%
Comfort &
4.6/5 4.2/5 4/5
Value (Price) 8/10 9/10 10/10
Material Toxicity none none none
Pressure & Pain Relief Exceptional (9/10) 7/10 7/10
Motion Isolation 9/10 7/10 8/10
Sleeping Cool 8/10 8/10 7/10
Back Sleepers 7/10 8/10 8/10
Side Sleepers 9/10 8/10 8/10
Good For Sex 9/10 7/10 8/10
Expected Durability 10+ Years 8+ Years 7+ Years
Overall Ratings 4.7/5 4.4/5 4.5/5

And if you are wondering how it compares to memory foam mattresses, then here is how it does (impressive).

purple mattress vs memory foam

And just in case you missed the official Purple mattress kick-starter video, check it out below.


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