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Purasleep Serenity Mattress Review – Review Of the Serenity Cool Gel Memory Foam

Purasleep has been known to make sleep products for some years and among the things that their mattresses are praised for is the durability and exceptional comfort. Does the Purasleep Serenity live up to this or is it just hype? Let’s find out as we uncover the mattress inside out in this review.

Purasleep Serenity Structure:


The mattress is made up of two main layers which have different densities and thicknesses.

First Layer (Top): It features a 2,5 inch top layer which is designed for comfort and improved cooling. Its density is 3.5 lbs which delivers just the right plush and comfort.

Second Layer (Bottom): Under this layer is the base layer which measures 7.5 inches and much denser than the upper layer. The premium foam base delivers excellent stability and also guarantees better longevity of the mattress.

The removable Hypoallergenic SofTouch cover is washable, although the manual advises to dry clean it for the bets results. You can also use the standard sheets without any issues.

To come up with an ingenious design coupled with advanced sleep technology to cater for almost every sleeping style, yet again control the price from flying over the roof is no small achievement.  Although it might not offer you the luxurious comfort that you’d find in the plushy high end ($3,000) mattresses, it lives up to its sacred word and it’s just worth every penny.

Firmness, Comfort and Support

Purasleep Serenity has a medium firm feel which in turn offers good support for many people with varied sleeping styles and postures. So, it literally doens’t matter whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper.

Talking of comfort, Purasleep has again gone above and beyond and they seem to have done their homework on this.

It’s one of the most comfortable mattress in its class and again for its price, only a few comes close.

But again, different people will have different experiences and there is no mattress that will guarantee 100% comfort to everyone. As such, you should just give it a try and see how it works out for you. Through Amazon, you can return the mattress within 30 days if you don’t like it.

Its edge support is also amazing — Just in case you love sitting on the edge while playing your acoustic guitar.

Pressure Relief

We all need a mattress that gives us good comfort and a restful night without tossing and turning all night. The way we sleep also affects our daily work efficiency and this is why sleep is something that you’ll want to take seriously. Fortunately, Purasleep Serenity is something you can count on to help relive that pain and give you a restful night. The fact that the mattress is made using advanced therapeutic foam techniques gives it a plus above many you’ll in the market.

From our research and findings from verified users through different online stores, most people who had previously had back pain related issues had something good to say about the mattress helping them get painless, better sleep.

Eco-Friendly & Anti-Microbial

Allergens, molds, fungus and dust mites common things that you’ll find with many mattresses, especially the traditional ones. Purasleep Serenity is made with anti-microbial protection properties which prevents all this.
It is also an Eco-friendly mattress made from plant-based renewable materials.

Does it Sleep Hot?

purasleep serenity

Now, sweating and experiencing heat at night is another nightmare that you don’t want to go through, especially with a mattress you intend to keep for a long time. Serenity has been designed under the open cell CoolFlow technology which has been proven to be over 90% more effective in eliminating heat buildup as well as moisture. If you love sleeping cool, that’s one of the things that you’ll love with this mattress.

Does Serenity Off Gas?


One of  the things that you should be keen on when buying a mattress is the odor in it. Most of the mattresses that you will find in the market are made of toxic compounds which can have detrimental health effects.

Luckily Purasleep Serenity is on the safe side and it has undergone the CERTIPUR-US® certification which affirms its breathable and not made with toxic compounds and ozone depleters.

You might notice some smell with Purasleep serenity when unpacking it, but the company confirms that it is just the packaging smell (this is also something that you will notice in almost all memory foam mattresses).

How Is Serenity’s Motion Transfer?

If you sleep with your partner or love to place objects by the side, then you need something

Serenity offers a good motion transfer balancing, thanks to its thick premium support layer and the bead gel technology which together efficiently absorbs energy.

So you can forget being interrupted or interrupting your partner as they sleep.

Downsides But Not Deal-Breakers

We hardly found any issue with this mattress from our end as well as from other users through reviews from other websites.

What we are not sure of is whether the mattress could offer enough support for heavy people who are over 250lbs (that, we can”t really tell).

If you are also allergic and get easily irritated with smell, we’d recommend you let the mattress air out for a day or two so that the smell completely dissipates.

Purasleep Serenity Bottom-Line

It comes with a warranty of 10 years which although it’s a bit lower than what modern mattresses offer, it’s price tag is way lower than the competition. simply put, it’s a well valued mattress that delivers on its advertised promise.

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