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Leesa Mattress Review – In-depth Review of Leesa

Leesa mattress is arguably one of the best mattresses in the industry, but before settling to that, let’s first unbox it and know it inside-out in this review.

Please note that this is an unbiased review where we uncover everything from our own experience and the rigorous research that we have done.

We will also be adding more findings from time to time to keep our review on Leesa mattress updated.

Why Trust Our Leesa Mattress Review?

We have been testing lots of sleep products over the years and we understand what it means to get a good sleep. We also know the nightmares that one may go through with a bad choice of mattress – and we never want anyone to go through that. Our reviews are unbiased and we only put down factual findings. We are also never shy to shame the dregs when we come across such unbearable caveats.

And since a thorough review cannot be based on a single data-point, we go that extra mile to aggregate reviews from dozens of top consumer review sites.

Off we go with Leesa mattress review;

Unpacking the mattress:

Unboxing and setting up Leesa is easy and if you have bought any other foam mattress before, the unboxing process it is pretty much the same. Also, note that there is a step by step manual inside the mattress box flaps. Here are steps that we would recommend you follow in setting it up.

  • First, it is recommend that you move the boxed mattress into the room which will be set up to make the whole process easier.  You might also want to place it on top of a stable base like a Murphy bed or a metal frame foundation.
  • Now gently, open the box with a blunt object (Avoid using sharp objects as you may accidentally slice the mattress) Remember even a small slice might be a big one when the mattress expands, so be careful with that.
  • While cutting open the box, make sure that you have someone to help you hold it in place. If not, make sure that you hold down the mattress and then gently remove the plastic wrapping. It depends on you, how you like to tear up the inner plastic wrap. You can cut it from one side and roll the wrap like a sock or you can cut it across.
  • You will realize that the Leesa mattress will start expanding. Guys at Leesa say that it takes about an hour to fully expand but I recommend that you leave it for an extra 30 minutes.
  • After the 1 hour 30 minutes, your Leesa mattress is now ready to lay on. You may however find it to be somewhat softer in the beginning, but that is something that is normal even with other foam mattresses. You will realize that the mattress becomes firmer as days go by and before the end of the week, it should have firmed up enough.
  • What if you don’t want to unpack your Leesa mattress immediately? Leesa says that the mattress can be kept inside the box for 30 days, so keep that in mind.

That’s it with the unboxing. You can now enjoy sleeping on your Leesa.

Leesa Mattress Structure

Leesa mattress is made up of 3 layers;

Top Layer (Cooling Avena Foam ) – This 2 inch top layer has been designed to offer top notch comfort and cooling, thanks to Avena foam which employs a unique mechanism that brings in a latex feel. This has also given Leesa mattress an edge in durability and an added bounce effect. (Note: Most of the other hybrid mattresses have less than 2 inches)

Middle Layer – This layer is also 2 inch thick and is strategically designed to offer deep compression support and pressure relief which in my experience seems to be working perfectly.

Foundational Layer – The base layer is made of a 6 inch high density foam that is structured to offer good comfort and control heat.

Firmness & Softness

Among some of the most important factors to check in a mattress is it’s softness and firmness. Leesa has a medium firmness which is slightly above the average memory foam mattresses. It is also recommended that one use stable slats which aren’t curvy to avoid making your mattress appearing too soft.

Pain relief, Posture & Support

From research, findings and experience, the mattress perfectly suits most people regardless of their sleeping postures.

Leesa has a medium firm feel, making it suitable for most people with spine alignment issues and back pain. Many people have confirmed that Leesa has helped them deal with backaches.

So regardless of whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleepers or you love to lay on your side, this a mattress worth giving a try. After all, that’s what the 100 free nights are for.

Motion Transfer & Edge Support

Poor sinkage and mattresses sagging onto one side is something that we all hate.if you love to place stuffs on top of the mattress you wouldn’t love to see them tipping over. neither will you want your lighter partner rolling over to your position because of poor motion transfer.

After sleeping on Leesa mattress for several weeks (over 8 weeks), there were no motion transfer issues experienced and it just provided invaluable comfort. Also several tests of placing objects shows impressive support.

Edge support – If your dog also love to lay on the edges while keeping you company you wouldn’t have any issues such as sagging on the edges. On a scale of 10, we’d give Leesa a 9/10 when it comes to edge support. Really impressive.

Heat Retention

If you’ve slept on a mattress that gets heated at night making you want to throw off the sheets, then you must be very keen on this factor. A good mattress should have a good airflow and there shouldn’t be any clogging that cause heat build up.

Luckily, the Avena layer on top of Leesa has dealt with the heat retention and you can count on it for a cool, sweat-less sleep. Apart from this, the mattress has also shown excellent heat dissipation time. Although this doesn’t really matter, its an indication that Leesa went miles ahead in temperature control.

Smell (Off-gassing)

Does Leesa have a smell? If you don’t love to have your bedroom smelling or have an allergy to memory foam odor, then you will love the fact that Leesa won’t fill your room with crazy smells. It however has the packaging off-gassing which is normal in almost every boxed memory foam. This off-gassing is however something that goes away after 1-3 days.

Who Leesa Mattress is not for

Although gauging a mattress’s relative merits will always be a very personal process, I won’t shy from naming some of the things that  might not work here. I haven’t personally heard of someone complain but truth be told, this mattress may not be for you if you are overweight (You might need something more complex and thicker if you are too overweight).

If you love something that is VERY soft, then you might have to check out another mattress. Leesa is an above average mattress when it comes to firmness.

Overall Quality

Most of the time, we all get caught up trying to find the best mattress to lay our heads on and we end up buying mattresses that won’t last more than a few weeks before they start sagging or failing to give us the comfort we expected to get from it.

Here is a graph of Leesa compared with average of other memory foam mattresses.

leesa comparison chart

Is Leesa Mattress good for me?

Yes and NO. There is no absolute answer to that as everybody has their own desires when it comes to the slumber that they lay on. Our review above however covers almost everything that you need to know about Leesa mattress, and we hope we’ve shined enough light. The good news is that you have 100 days to test it after buying and if not satisfied with it, you get your money back. Click here to get the 100 days trial on the mattress + $75 discount.

Other Important Notes on Leesa Mattress

Does Leesa offer financing?

Yes. Leesa comes with a 0% APR (6 months) Affirm financing.

What is Leesa’s Return Policy?

Leesa gives you 100 days to test the mattress from the day of delivery and if not comfortable with it, you can return it and claim your full refund. Leesa will come to pick up the mattress at no additional cost and you don’t have to worry about re-packing it.

Should I use a topper on Leesa mattress?

If you need a soft mattress but feel that you aren’t going to give up on Leesa, then using a mattress topper would be great. This will lessen the firmness.

Does Leesa mattress have allergies?

Leesa mattress doesn’t use any toxic materials in its design and after scrutinizing through thousands of user reviews, there are no reported cases of allergies from Leesa mattress.

What are Leesa mattress dimensions?

The dimensions are standard, just like for any other standardized mattresses in the industry.

Twin Size Mattress – (Smallest possible mattress) measures Width: 39 in x  Length: 75 in

Twin Extra Long (XL) Size Mattress – Width: 39 in x  Length: 80 in

Full Size Mattress – Width: 54 in x  Length: 75 in

Queen Size Mattress – Width: 60 in x  Length: 80 in

King Size Mattress – Width: 76 in x  Length: 80 in

California King Size Mattress – Width: 72 in x  Length: 84 in

What’s the recommended foundation for Leesa mattress?

There is no specific foundation that you should use on your Leesa, but it should have a stable base. some old divans might however not work for some sleepers who are a bit sensitive and need good support. On that account and to be on the safer side, it is recommended to use a modern foundation.

Does Leesa mattress have a warranty?

Leesa mattress offers a 10 year limited replacement warranty. Like with any other mattress, the warranty is valid for the original purchaser

Final verdict:

Leesa is a unique and rare mattress that combines the advantages of Avena and those of the common memory foam perfectly to bring in augmented comfort and support.

It is a mattress that I would recommend to my family and friends over and over again without hesitating. Why not take advantage of the 100 nights trial?


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