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Full Size Memory Foam Mattress Review

There are many people that wake up in the morning with severe back and shoulder aches. They mostly blame the incorrect posture while working on the computer. The most common solution is taking a painkiller in order to be able to carry on with daily activities. This is neither healthy, nor recommended. It is true that from the youngest to the oldest, we depend on technology. We spend hours in front of the computer working, but also relaxing. The only moment of the day when we give our body a rest is during the night. The full size memory foam mattress supports the body perfectly by eliminating pressure points and assuring the spine a natural position. This innovative technology has become more and more popular, and all users reported a better sleep and no more back aches.

Properties Of Full Size Memory Foam Mattress

Mattresses, just like clothes, come in different sizes. For this reason, it is important to find the right one that suits best your sleeping habit. While too much does not seem to bother anyone too small represents a problem. Full is a commonly used size when it comes to mattresses. With great dimensions, 54” wide and 75” long, it can generously fit a medium-size room.

This type of mattress is perfect for people that measure no more than 5’5″. It can be also used by two people that like to sleep close to each other as it provides 27” in space for each. It is known to be significantly light, so it can be easily carried from a room to another or from a house to another. It does not occupy that much space so it can also fit kid’s rooms.

 The full size memory foam mattress can be a great choice in the following situations:

  • It is a comfortable option for students who frequently move due to school;
  • It is a great choice for younger children as they grow up really fast, and it represents a long-term investment;
  • It is perfect for families that prefer to read their child a bedtime story and lay in bed together;
  • It can be also used by couples that enjoy sleeping close to each other, as it provides enough space to fit two persons.

Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress is an American product, designed to provide high comfort. The therapeutic effect is of great value, assuring a correct posture during sleep. With a medium-soft to medium-firm feel, it is an option worthy to consider by all people that want to wake up rested and rejuvenated.

Analyzing the customer reviews of this product it can be seen that it provides an excellent sleep right from the first night. You will enjoy a nice sinking feeling that will relax the entire body. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the odor caused by vacuum packing as it goes away in just six hours. It has a very good rating, 4.4 out of 5, based on 1,172 comments. Analyzing what people have to say about Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress, here are the main pros and cons for choosing such a product.

The main advantages of using this product are:

  • It does not have a persistent unpleasant smell;
  • It is firm as you lay, but once it takes the shape of your body it feels soft and pleasant;
  • It prevents you from tossing and turning constantly during sleep;
  • It relieves back aches;
  • The comfort provided is exceptional;
  • It can be moved from a place to another without damaging the material as it folds easily;
  • It reaches its original size in a couple of hours;
  • The package includes a set of foam pillows that you receive for free;
  • It is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites;
  • It can help you sleep deeper and better night after night.

The main disadvantages of using this product are:

  • Some customers complained about the fact that the mattress retains heat, though it is acceptable;
  • The mattress cover cannot be taken off as it makes you lose the warranty, so you need to consider purchasing matching covers.

A Closer Look

Sleep Innovations. Sleep Innovations Inc. is an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners. It is an American brand, and its products are manufactured in the USA. The company aims to research and develop professional products that can help its customers improve the sleep quality. It is a reputable corporation as it uses the most advanced technology. All the products must pass the clinical test that is focused on a rested and rejuvenated wake up.

Features. This full size memory foam mattress is made of three different layers that assure a great support for the body. The base layer has 7 inches, and it is made of premium support foam. The middle layer is thinner, 3 inches, and it is made of high-quality  memory foam. The upper layer also has 3 inches, and it is made of SureTemp that provides great comfort and takes the shape of the body. It is vacuumed packed, so it can be easily carried to the room you plan to place it. check out our best mattress list here.

Benefits. Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress is covered by a luxurious poly cotton cover that protects the interior from damaging. You can forget about hip and shoulder aches as it assures pressure relief. The superior layer takes the shape of the body, assuring a proper spinal alignment. Moreover, it eliminates motion transfer, so couples do not need to worry anymore about waking up each other even when sleeping closely.


As it can be seen, the full size memory foam mattress is a great solution for various uses. It can easily fit any room of the house and provides comfortable position from the youngest to the oldest. The size is great even for two persons, and the fact that it does not transfer motion makes it much better. The quality of your sleep will be improved right from the first night.

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