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Best Mattress Under $1000 – Exceptional Mattresses Below 1,000 Dollars

Looking for the best mattress under $1000? Look no further, here in this comprehensive review, we ill be reviewing the Best mattress under 1000 dollars without pulling any punches. We have ranked these mattresses based on value it gives for your money.

  1. Leesa Mattress Review

  2. Tuft and Needle Ten Inch Mattress

tuft and needle mattress review

The Tuft and Needle ten inch mattress is a great option for people who are looking to upgrade their mattress and improve their sleeping experience at an affordable cost. Designed with comfort in mind, this is a ten inch polyurethane foam mattress that is pretty basic in its design.

This model does not feature coils, latex foam or memory foam. The top three inches of the mattress consists of pressure relieving foam, which is referred to as triple layer blended foam. The way it feels is similar to that of memory foam, but it’s has a bouncier feel to it. Underneath the triple layer of blended foam you’ll find seven inches of high density support foam, which is commonly found on most mattresses. The bed’s ticking is made from a rayon and polyester blend. This is a no frills mattress, with no extra features. However, it can still provide you with the type of quality sleeping experience you’re looking for, at an affordable price.

This model received a lot of positive consumer reviews from satisfied customers who were happy with the sleeping experience this mattress offers. The manufacturer also features a three month free trial, making this a low risk purchase as returns are very easy. Some consumers stated that this model is more designed for the stomach sleeper, due to the firmness of the mattress. A firmer mattress provides adequate support for a stomach sleeper, but may not be the best option for side and back sleepers.

For individuals who enjoy a softer mattress or a mattress that’s medium-soft, this model may not be for you. The Tuft and Needles mattress is definitely on the firmer side and can cause problems for sleepers with joints that are sensitive to pressure.

What others had to say about Tuft and Needle Mattress

When it comes to sleep, each person will have their own preferences in terms of what makes a mattress comfortable. What works for one individual may not work another. If you’re on a tight budget, this is definitely a great choice. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of mattress shopping and salesmen and you’re willing to return this model within three months if it doesn’t work for you, then take a second look at this Tuft and Needle mattress.

An ideal choice for college students who are also short on space, you can choose this ten inch model or the cheaper eight inch model. Keep in mind that the eight inch mattress is even firmer than the ten inch. Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for the great return policy, pricing and firmness of the mattress. If you’re someone who needs a medium-soft or soft mattress this model is definitely not for you. Also check out our in-depth review of tuft and needle here.

3. Nectar Mattress

4. Night Therapy Mattress

night therapy under 1000


The 13 inch Prestige memory foam mattress from Night therapy has a lot of comfort and quality of make to offer you. Night Therapy claims to be the leader when it comes to research into making available the newest and most effective technologies that allow for even more comfortable mattresses to be sold to the public.

Key Features

Washed with green tea: The prestige memory foam mattress is washed with green tea to do away with all of its smell that comes from the material it is built from. This means that whenever you want to take some rest on the mattress, you will have the sweet smell of green tea accompanying you instead of an irate smell of the make-material giving you a smelly time in bed!

Durability: The prestige memory mattress is very durable and you can expect it to serve you for a long number of years to come and therefore payoff the benefit in terms of long service, as value for your investment.

Helps sore body parts recover: The prestige mattress actually helps your sore body parts recover from their situation and get healthy again, virtue of its smooth and soft make. For instance if you have a sore back or sore shoulders after sleeping consistently on your old mattress, the Prestige mattress will ease your pain out and allow you to regain your healthier shape.

Sleep and forget: With the use of the prestige memory mattress, you will sleep and forget to wake up! This is because of the quality of sleep that you get while sleeping on the memory mattress that you will keep sleeping on and on and on.

Appropriate tension: This mattress is designed in a way that it will feel soft to you on the body parts where you need it to be soft and feel supportive elsewhere. So the pressure on the body parts is distributed accordingly which is a very cool feature of the design of this mattress.

Low price: The price of this mattress is very low as compared to the quality that it has to offer you. So be advised that you will definitely get a high cost to benefit ratio with the purchase of this mattress in the price it comes against.

Pros and Cons


  • Washed with green tea
  • Durable
  • Helps sore body parts recover
  • Sleep and forget
  • Appropriate tension
  • Low price


Some people found this mattress to be useful initially but problematic a few months later after use such that it started giving them pain on their body.

Overall Review and Verdict

All in all I think that there are some very attractive features of this mattress and that the truth about them can only be known through actual use of the mattress. So if the retailer you buy it from offers you a warranty on it and the mattress fits well within your budget as well, then, you might as well go for it and test it for its claims right-away!

5. Sleep Innovations 12 inch Gel Swirl Mattress

swirl best mattress under 1000

Investing in a brand new mattress could take a whole lot out of your budget if you are not careful. For this particular reason, you have to do thorough research. After thoroughly scanning and testing dozens of mattresses online, we learned that Sleep Innovations 12 inch Gel Swirl Foam mattress is yet another mattress that many people will easily fall in love with. Why should you invest in this mattress? Well, this model was designed from premium memory foam, completed with cooling gel that delivers the right amount of support and comfort. You will also enjoy the ideal sleep temperature, night after night. This model has a special 3 layer design: 3 layer design, 2 inch top layer, 2.5 inch support layer and the supportive 8 inch base layer. Considered and rated as one of the best mattresses, this ingeniously designed mattress helps you sleep very well, by combining therapeutic properties of memory foam and special cooling gel, for enhanced comfort.

Here are the Secrets for Choosing the Best Mattress

To purchase the best mattress, many people make the buying process far more complicated than it needs to be. Now in saying that, it is important to know that there are very specific factors to be considered. Because a new mattress set is not only a financial investment but also the surface on which a person will sleep for many years to come, we felt it important to offer secrets for choosing the best mattress.

Remember, to get restful sleep that takes a person to the deepest stage of sleep known as REM, a number of things must come together with the mattress being one. REM is the time when both mind and body go through a restoration process, which is why sleeping on the right mattress is critical. In fact, sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress would ultimately have a direct impact on an individual’s mental and physical health.

Body Type

The first thing an individual needs to think about when shopping for the best mattress is that it needs to work with the body. Obviously, every person’s body is different so while a particular type of mattress works incredibly well for one individual it might be the completely wrong choice for another. Because of this, it would be necessary to find a mattress store with trial mattresses so lying down and feeling how the mattress works with the body could be determined.

For a mattress to work with a person’s body, this means several things. For instance, to be considered as the best mattress, the back must be properly supported while allowing for the natural curve but without pressure placed on trigger points to include hip bones, tail bone, and shoulder blade bones. In addition, any mattress being in the running should keep the spine perfectly straight when the person sleeps on the side. These are just a few examples of what the best mattress should offer in relation to support.


Another factor that needs to be considered when shopping for the best mattress has to do with cushioning. A common mistake that people made is choosing a mattress based on comfort level but only for the top layers. This happens because most people simply sit on a mattress to determine its comfort level opposed to lying down completely and getting a feel for the mattress in different positions. Of course, cushioning and comfort are very important in getting proper sleep but both factors must be determined in the correct way.
Most mattresses sold are made with padding that consists of layers of polyurethane foam covered with a cotton and polyester blend. The problem is that this combination does not breathe properly, which means it is not effective in keeping moisture away from the body. As a result, true comfort would not be achieved, causing a person’s sleep to be disrupted. Instead, the best mattress would consist of a top layer made from wool, which protects the body from moisture.

Firmness Level

An individual would also need to determine the level of firmness that feels the most comfortable while providing proper support. Although some people think of the best mattress as being fluffy, the truth is that mattresses that are too soft actually lead to back and neck pain. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm would cause problem for pressure points, also leading to pain.

The goal is finding a mattress that offers just enough cushioning to be comfortable while being firm enough for proper support. In other words, any mattress of consideration should have the ability to mold to a person’s body but still support the weight. Again, we cannot stress enough the value of actually trying out different mattress of interest by lying down in different sleeping positions.

Mattress Size

The saying “bigger is always better” would definitely apply when shopping for the best mattress. Another common cause of disrupted sleep is not having adequate room to stretch out, roll over, and get comfortable, especially when sharing the bed with a partner. According to sleep experts, a person who goes through all five stages of sleep, which includes REM, moves up to 30 times a night so if the mattress is too small, this would be difficult to the point of actually waking the person up.

Of course, the size of the bedroom would also dictate the size of mattress an individual buys but if room allows, it would be worth investing in a king bed. At minimum, a person should think about buying a queen-sized mattress, again something critical if the bed is shared with another individual, children, or even pets.

Mattress Type

Years ago, there were limited types of mattresses on the market but today, multiple possibilities exist, which makes it much easier to find the best mattress based body type and other important factors. However, the only way the best mattress could be chosen is by becoming educated about what the different types are, as well as key benefits that each provides. Below are brief descriptions of mattresses that get high marks for both comfort and support.


Mattresses of this kind are designed with flat tops that do not provide any extra padding. Because of the unique support system, this mattress is very firm but for people who appreciate this, the mattress is also comfortable to sleep on. In fact, for someone living with lower back pain, this is often rated as the best mattress.


Although an original design from years ago, this kind of mattress has been updated for today’s market. Most innerspring mattresses are made with tempered steel coils, which are placed in rows filled with padding and insulation.

This kind of mattress also has different degrees of firmness based on the number of coils but also thickness of wire. A twin mattress should have a minimum of 300 coils, a queen 375, and a king at least 450. For someone who wants a high degree of firmness, this might be the best mattress of choice.

Memory Foam

When looking for the best mattress, more than likely this type of mattress will stand out against the competition and for good reason. Although the material was developed more than two decades ago by NASA, the memory foam mattress is considered one of the newest and most innovation options sold.

Benefits include the polyurethane material being firmer when temperatures are cool and softer when temperatures are warmer, naturally molding to the shape of the person’s body, and as denser material, being one of the firmer mattresses available.


For some people, the plush option is considered the best mattress. Of all mattress types sold, plush is the second softest available. Because of this, it would not be the ideal option for everyone but for the person who prefers extreme comfort and fluff, the extra foam layering designed above the coils works beautifully.

Polyurethane Foam

One of the biggest advantages of this particular mattress is that firm levels vary. However, this kind of mattress also has one big disadvantages when compared to other options in that the material does not breathe, which means air flow is minimal.

Considering that the average person loses about a pint of body fluid every night, having a mattress incapable of breathing causes the bed to feel hot and sometimes, wet. For someone living in a part of the country where temperatures are hot and humidity levels high, this would be among the best mattress options.

Sleep Number

One of the most innovative and newest types of mattress is known as the sleep number. With this, each side of the bed can be adjusted independently, making this ideal for couples who need different things from the bed. The adjustment is made possible because of air chambers that can be filled or deflated with the push of a button opposed to springs.

The only negative aspect of the sleep number bed is price, which costs on average $3,500 although some models are even more. However, because sleep number mattresses are extremely well-made and therefore most last longer than other mattress types, long-term this is considered a great investment.


This is another one of the newer mattress designs in today’s market that has the memory foam component. As a result, getting excellent is easy to achieve. The foam mattress offers the same benefits as mentioned above whereby the material actually molds to a person’s body but also responds to different temperatures, making the bed the ideal place to sleep.

Ultra Plush

Another extremely soft and comfortable mattress, the ultra-plush design often sells with an extra pillow top. This mattress is the softest a person can buy but in addition to softness, the mattress has a height greater than other mattresses. For this reason, deep fitted sheets are a must.


Most people connect waterbeds to the 1970s and while this type of bed was at the peak of popularity during that time, as with other mattresses the waterbed has been completely transformed. Older water bed designs whereby water is free-flowing are still sold but most are designed so the water bag fits snugly inside an actual mattress. Someone needing a little more cushion but also support would probably love one of today’s waterbeds. Please also check out some of our best mattress list.

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