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Best Mattress For Side Sleepers – Mattress Reviews

Are you a side sleeper looking for the best mattress that guarantees you the best support and comfort? Look no further, here today we cover the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers. These are the top 10 mattresses that you will find in the market that fits well with your sleeping style if you are a side sleeper.

The Process Of Finding Side Sleeper’s Mattress



Top 10 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Reviews

This website contains recommendations for best mattress for side sleepers. I know that there are lots of mattress for side sleepers available on online store and it’s hard to choose right product. But, don’t worry, we’ve chosen the best mattress for side sleepers to keep handy in case things ever go wrong.

With the right mattress, having a good sleep is easy. Nevertheless, choosing a mattress can be challenging since they are all designed with different specifications. The length, width and depth of the mattress are all factors to consider when you want to find the right mattress that will enhance your sleep. With many foam mattresses out in the market, here are the top ten selections of mattresses for side sleepers that you might consider.

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid foam mattress boasts of a medium -firm feel and 2.5inch memory foam layer that offers ultimate comfort needed to enjoy sleep. The layer also helps in cradling your body as well as relieving you pressure making you to rest appropriately. The mattress works all night long to align your spine, prevent lower back pain and improves your body posture. The open cell construction featured on the mattress enhances on its durability. The memory foam also assists in isolating motion between you and your partner in bed. Unlike other low quality products on the market, memory foam mattress has the ability to resist allergens as well as dust mites thus keeping you in good health. The soft velour cover is not only hypoallergenic but also prevents dusts mites among other forms of allergens. The memory foam mattress is CertiPUR- USA certified which implies that the product has undergone testing to determine the safety of the material, environmental stewardship and physical performance. If you have been looking for a long lasting, supportive and comfortable mattress, do not look beyond this product.


  • The open cell construction allows for consistent airflow thereby the mattress cool as well as comfortable
  • 10 inch thick mattress has a 2.5inch memory layer for added comfort and 7.5inch foam made from polyurethane.
  • Has a 25 year warranty
  • CertiPUR- USA

Ultimate Dreams Cushion Firm Latex Mattress

Dreamfoam mattress has a bamboo cover that makes it unique and aesthetically appealing. The product also comes with 3 inches of Tatalay latex foam designed to suit the curve of your body, relieve pressure and offer orthopedic support. The bamboo cover features biodegradable bamboo fibers. The 1.5 inch super soft foam makes the mattress soft and highly moisture absorbent to promote cool and comfortable hour of sleep. It also has a 5.5 inch high density base that increases the mattress’ airflow. The latex foam offers ultimate support directed towards reducing pressure to alleviate pressure as well as bring more oxygen and nutrients into your body. The Talalay latex featured on the mattress is breathable and highly hypoallergenic making it ideal for individuals suffering from allergies. The comfort, support and safety of this mattress make it worth consideration over other products on the market.


  • 10 inch mattress featuring a bamboo cover
  • Designed in the US
  • Has a Talalay Latex as well as high density foam base for added comfort
  • The mattress is firm and soft

Brentwood Home Memory Foam Mattress

Brentwood memory foam mattress is yet another product that rarely disappoints. The mattress boasts of a medium feel and 3 inch memory foam layer that helps in adjusting your body shape thus reliving your pressure and aligning your spine properly. The mattress comes with super soft comfort layer with a 1 inch thickness for additional comfort that will make you to wake up completely refreshed and free of lower back pain among other complications. The ventilated airflow layer with a 2 inch thickness makes the mattress breathable enough to make sleep comfortably. It also has a 7 inch therapeutic base that offers you with continued support as you enjoy your sleep. The top panel has a 100% wool sheep lining that makes clean and easily breathable. The wick takes away moisture and regulating temperature that will make you cool during the summer season.



  • 13 inch mattress with 3.5 inch memory foam layer for added comfort
  • 2 inch ventilated airflow layer for cool and comfortable nights
  • Gel particles infused into the memory foam to keep you cool as well as more comfortable when compared to the regular memory foam mattresses on the market
  • The open air technology enhances on airflow to keep the mattress cool and more comfortable

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Queen Foam Mattress

This is a great mattress for side sleepers, which is firm and cozy enough. It will not feel extra soft and spongy. The mattress is designed for comfort, and it will not contour to your body. It might contour the body, but not that much. You might also feel like you are sinking into the mattress for a short while, which will then feel okay. You can use it with a box spring and enjoy your sleep. Setting it up is easy, which will not take much time. It has a slight smell, though will not affect your sleep.


  • It has a medium feel
  • The mattress has a slight cradling comfort
  • It has a pressure point relief, along with a customized alignment for perfect comfort.
  • It is the most ideal for the average to bigger body weight and size.
  • It comes with a limited warranty of twenty years.
  • The mattress has been made in the US and comes with a DuoComfort Design to enhance the sleep comfort. It has also been fitted with a SureTemp Memory Foam to regulate the temperature and avoid excessive sweating.

Signature Sleep Queen 12-inch Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress has been well designed to enhance your comfort as you sleep. It limits the pressure on the body, which also offers you a balanced support. It will offer a customized and balanced form to your body within minutes. It supports the weight evenly, and it will alleviate the pressure around the shoulder, which will reduce the chances of having a spinal cord pain.


  • The mattress meets the federal flammability requirements.
  • It helps to limit the pressure points on the shoulders and the hips as you sleep.
  • It is a memory foam mattress of the ILD9 four-pound category for perfect firmness.
  • It has a soft fabric cover that is knitted.

Mattress Queen 8 Inches Foam Mattress

This comes when compressed, but it can expand to its full height within six hours. You might also have issues with the chemical smell. It is firm and cozy enough to enhance your sleep comfort. Even though it is cozy, it doesn’t have the springy feel as you sleep. That means that you will not bounce when you turn on the mattress. It will squish around you and also, it will cradle the form where you sleep.



  • It conforms to the body for extra comfort.
  • It limits the pressure point, and you will feel like you are floating.
  • It has two inches of memory foam, four inches of HD foam, and two inches of Super Soft Foam, along with alleviation pressure system.
  • It also has a warranty for ten years.

Signature Sleep Contour Eight Inches Full Mattress

This mattress is developed by Signature Sleep, and it is one of the top mattresses that offers comfort and luxury. It is specifically designed to meet the need for contoured support of your body when sleeping. IT has a Contour 480 tempered steel that holds the coils, which help to conform to your body curves, as well as distributing the weight evenly. The encased coils also help to limit the motion disturbance, which in turn enhances your sleep.


  • It has pocket coils that limit the motion transfer.
  • It will fit on any standard Full-size frame.
  • The encased coils ensure that there is an even weight distribution, and also limit the pressure points.
  • There is a polyester and a quality foam layering between the coils and cover, which is there for ideal comfort.

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams 9-inch Full Mattress

This mattress comes with an internal packaging that is impressive. It is a three-layer mattress that is designed to make your sleep comfortable. It doesn’t have the bad smell that is common in many foam mattresses. You might notice the smell within twenty-four hours, which will then go and you will enjoy your sleep. It expands to its full size within ten minutes, which makes it a great choice. The mattress feels even, and you will not experience any lumps on it.


  • This mattress is made of cotton, which makes it extra comfortable.
  • It has a dual convoluted foam core layer that has the TriZone support.
  • It is roll packed and will give you the sleep time that you need.

Signature Sleep Contour Twin Mattress

This is a twin mattress that is eight inches thick. It is designed to support your vertebrate and limit the pressure points. It also comes with the coils that are independently encased to make it conform to your curves. This will then create an even weight distribution. The common pressure points like the shoulders and hips are limited and made to feel comfortable.



  • It has the fifteen-gauge pocket coils that are independently pocketed for extra comfort and weight distribution.
  • It will fit perfectly in any Twin bed frame of a standard size.
  • It is compressed and rolled to allow easy shipping.
  • There are a polyester layering and a quality foam between the coils and the cover for extra comfort.
  • It gets to its full size within 48 hours.

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 7-Inch Twin Mattress

This is another twin mattress that is designed for comfort and deep sleep. It has a firm support core, which contours to the body and ensure that you sleep comfortably. The mattress also relieves the pressure points around the shoulder, neck, hip, or back. It is another great mattress for side sleepers.



  • It has been made in the US, with all the standards followed.
  • It has a TriZone construction for extra support and comfort.
  • It relieves the pressure point to make your sleep undisturbed.

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