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Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper Reviews

Sleep never felt so good while relaxing on top of a memory foam topper 260-count thread cotton cover and bed skirt. Restless sleepers have the tendency to toss and turn all night, but the memory topper is designed to reduce pressure points and increase circulation. The memory foam remembers the contour of your body as it conveniently hugs the silhouette of your figure as you sleep. It is soft enough to be relaxing, yet firm enough to be comforting. It is no secret as to how the topper works to improve an erratic sleep pattern.

The topper contains materials that are safe for anyone who suffers from seasonal, occasional, or permanent allergies. The bedskirt is detachable and is also machine washable. It protects the foam pad mattress from dust and dirt. The topper comes in twin, full, king, queen and California sizes. The foam memory topper comes with a 10-year warranty and measures 80 inches in length, 60 inches in width, and is an amazing 2 inches high.

Sleep Innovations Topper Features and Specifications

  • 2 inch thick foam topper that is available in more than four sizes
  • Reduces annoying pressure points while sleeping
  • Helps with circulation
  • Made with hypoallergenic foam which is helpful to allergy suffers
  • Bedskirt protects the top mattress from dust or dirt buildup
  • Contours to the shape of the body while reducing tossing and turning
  • Detachable bedskirt is machine washable
  • Specially treated materials is resistant to mildew and mold
  • Offers therapeutic sleep support
  • Great for personal or hospital use
  • Weighs approximately 21 pounds

The Reviews

Customers everywhere cannot stop talking about the Sleep Innovations Topper with the detachable bedskirt. Comfort, style, and beauty all wrapped up into one small package. One customer stated that the 1,700-dollar bed he or she owns is not at all comfortable. Another customer state that after giving birth to two children she suffers from pains in her hips. However, the pain in her lower back and hip was severe to the point that it would keep her up at night. After she aired out the mattress topper for 2 weeks and placed it on her bed, she claimed to have received the best rest ever.

Another satisfied customer 22 years of age, states that sore ribs, backaches and stiff hips was a natural part of sleeping, because of the condition of the mattress. After waking up feeling like an old worn out person, the mattress topper was put to use. The customer says the waking up with no aches and pains is a great feeling. A New Jersey customer who experienced lower back pain claimed to the chronic pains had stopped. The customer stated that even though the mattress has a slight chemical odor it was still comfortable and relaxing for his back. The customer states that putting a cover on top of the memory foam helps with the smell and is recommending that anyone, whether he or she has a back problem or not should purchase a foam topper for his or own personal comfort.

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