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What is the best recommended Sleeping position?

What is the ideal position for better sleep? The following guide helps us improve our sleeping position and thus prevent pain.

Correctly choosing our sleeping position not only prevents body aches but also can reduce and even eliminate chronic pain. In general, all joints of the body can trigger pain if you have a poor posture overnight. But the neck , back and shoulders are the most prone areas . Who has never woken up with a stiff neck? . In theory we should sleep 8 hours to get a restful quality sleep. If during this time we subject our body to poor posture , joint wear and pain inevitably appear .

Sleeping posture

The ideal position is probably sleeping on your side. The next best on your back

Before the posture itself, it is necessary to check the mattress and the pillows . It doesn’t matter what posture you have if the mattress is a bad one. The mattress must be rather harder than softer, to align our spine correctly( especially if you sleep on the back). Choosing a pillow is more difficult because it depends on the person. It is important that one is comfortable. A while ago,  a new material came into the market ” viscoelastic foam ” or “memory” which has the particularity that it deforms to support your head and can conform to different shapes. I use this kind and I think it’s great It took me a while to get used to it as it is a little bit hard, but it was only a matter of time.

When we have the right pillow and the right mattress it is important to check our position. Are we even aware of the position we take when sleeping ? . When sleep overcomes us , are we ready for sleep in a proper position, or do we fall asleep watching TV in a bad posture? These questions are important when it comes to sleep. While we may change our overnight position , we must at least choose the right on to start with . When you notice that you are about to fall asleep turn off the tv and get into a good proper position.

Ideally, sleeping on your side is the best position .It is even better with a pillow between your knees. This position properly aligns our column and avoids overload. The pillow between the legs helps to better align the hips. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as the neck remains rotated all the time. This rotation completely ruins the balance of our column . We could also sleep on the back , but we would have to worry about putting a pillow under our knees or the like . Otherwise we increase the lumbar load. This is especially important for those with back problems.

In short the ideal sleeping position is on your side and starting our night’s rest properly is necessary to help the body keep healthy. Avoid keeping stuff on your bed, such a clothes, laptops, phone, etc. Also turn off the tv. Clean the place if it’s messy. Change the bedding. And Good Night!

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