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Heated Mattress Pads – What You Need To Know

Looking to buy an electric heated mattress pad? Well, it’s a great idea! There’s nothing like falling asleep in a warm comfortable bed to help you enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep. These are especially great in the winter. While it’s freezing cold outside you can just stay in bed, and control the temperature with a digital controller.

Heated mattress pads come in all sizes, twin, full, queen, king to satisfy all your needs.

What should you look at?

  • If you are buying a larger size make sure that you get one with a dual controller for your partner.
  • Right Size: Make sure that the mattress pad will fit your mattress properly, you need a tight fit otherwise you won’t achieve the desired effect.
  • Make sure it is made of good materials, minimum 50% content
  • Make sure it is machine washable, nowadays it is a pretty common thing.

Extras to look at:

  1. Hypoallergenic fiber fill
  2. Low energy consumption
  3. Auto shut off for extra safety.

An electric mattress topper can be an amazing addition to your bedroom and significantly improve your sleep quality and help you achieve restful nights and wake up rejuvenated and ready for a new day.

There are many brands of heated pads and toppers. We recommend that you browse online and check out reviews of satisfied customers.

Why an electric mattress pad?

-> It can be great for those with health problems, keeping warm at night does wonders for many pains and ailments

->It’s not very expensive. While it’s not cheap either, it makes a huge difference in your sleep quality, while not costing a tenth of what a new mattress would cost for instance.


If you’re wondering about the risks, nowadays the technology is heavily regulated and the manufacturers are obligated to use a number of safety precautions in order to ensure that the mattress pad can’t pose any threat to you whatsoever.

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