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Purple Mattress vs Casper Mattress

purple vs casper mattress

We’ve all found ourselves comparing two or more products, only to pick one out of them. Sometimes it gets crazy and complicated, especially if these products are closely matched, which is the case in our comparison review here. In this comparison review, we will compare Purple mattress and Casper Mattress.

These two mattresses have shown excellent performance and have inspired positive reactions from users. But as we all know, even if a mattress is crowned the best, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is perfect for everyone. The aim of this comparison is to help you make an informed decision on which one you should go with depending on your sleep desires.

Before delving deep into comparing the two, here is a quick table just in-case you need a quick overview of the two mattresses head-to-head.

Purple Ratings Casper Ratings
Comfort & Support A A
Pressure Relief A B+
Edge Support B B+
Bounciness A B+
Sleeping Cool B+ B+
Motion Transfer B+ A
Side Sleepers A B+
Stomach Sleepers B+ A
Back Sleepers A B+
Pricing Good Good
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years

A quick overview the mattresses:-

Purple Mattress

Purple mattress is a hybrid mattress designed from a combination of hyper elastic polymer and foam. The design structure is the first of its kind and so far it’s very promising. Purple’s selling point is being “the best in pressure relief”, which according to us isn’t far off the claim. It also boasts having unmatched comfort, and we can almost we can almost agree on that as well.

Purple Mattress Structure

The mattress is made up of 3 layers;

Layer 1 The first layer is 2 Inches in thickness and is made up of hyper-elastic polymer backed by the smart-grid technology which is meant to improve comfort, pressure relief and keep off heat buildup when sleeping.

Layer 2 The second layer of Purple consists of a high density polyurethane foam in the second layer. It helps in bolstering transitional support. For heavier sleepers, you’ll be thankful for this feature.

Layer 3 Also on the third layer is yet another 4 inches of polyurethane foam. This has proven to give the mattress a good base.

purple mattress bounce

Top Reasons To choose Purple Mattress!

Here are some of the areas where Purple outshines many in the industry;

Pressure Relief – Bed sores can be a nuisance if you choose the wrong mattress, especially with prolonged bed rests but Purple has addressed this through their ingenious design and inclusion of their high elastic polymer material. The materials used in the design collectively help in dispersing pressure away from the bone protrusions giving you a restful night. Purple further proves their pressure relieving mattress through the egg-test which clearly shows how your body conforms well with the mattress by pampering and cuddling your body curves.

Resilience & Bounce – Elasticity and how the mattress is able to respond to weight and pressure exerted is something else that you’d want to be keen on when shopping for a mattress. The more resilient a mattress is, the better chances of it retaining the original shape over a long period (durability). Once again, Purple has shown exceptional performance here. Its bounce rate without significant motion transfer will also make you want to love the mattress.

Heat Dissipation – If you hate heat when sleeping, just like I do then you may want to settle for something that keeps you cool at night. Purple sleeps cool and comfortable keeping you sweat-free all night. Having tested this mattress all through the hot summer and still enjoyed a cool restful night— you will definitely love the coolness it comes with.

Universal comfort and support for all sleeping positions – A mattress isn’t worth investing on if it fails to offer you good support and comfort. Apparently this usually varies with things such as weight and sleeping style. Purple’s structure and high density has made it possible for all sleepers to enjoy a restful night. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, Purple is a mattress you need to try.

Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress is one of the best-selling mattress in the industry today and since its entry into the industry in 2014, it has helped shape the industry and above all, helped thousands to sleep better. It is an all-foam mattress which comprises of four ingeniously crafted layers with varied densities. The mattress has been praised for its top notch comfort and support, thanks to the medium feel which offers universal body contouring whichever style you sleep on.

Casper Structure

Casper is one of the top mattress brands that have stood the test of time by providing top notch comfort and support, thanks to its 4 ingeniously designed layers which combines both synthetic latex (Dunlop) and memory foam. Here’s how the layers are designed.

Top Layer (latex foam) – 1.5″ of synthetic Dunlop latex foam. This layer provides the comfort, cooling, and bounce for the mattress. It has a density of 3.3 PCF (pounds per cubic foot).

Second Layer (memory foam) – 1.5″ of memory foam. This layer provides support and pressure relief. It is placed below the latex foam layer to help avoid any potential heat retention issues that can sometimes result from memory foam. It has a density of 4.0 PCF.

Third Layer (support foam) – 1.5″ of poly foam. This is a transitional poly foam designed to help ease sleepers into the base foam. It has a density of 2.5 PCF.

Bottom Layer (support foam) – 5.0″ of support poly foam. This layer of foam acts as the foundational base for the mattress. It supports the above comfort layers. It has a density of 1.8 PCF.

casper mattress

Top Reasons To Choose Casper Mattress

Time Tested- Casper has been around for quite a longer time as compared to Purple mattress and it has the backing of thousands of users who have more exciting experiences with Casper. Although it feels that both mattresses are closely matched from quality to performance, but you still consider the age of the company as a plus in your decision making, then Casper has it.

Improved – Casper had a change in their mattress structure and its current model has been excellent in addressing the concerns that the previous model had. Although we can’t say much about the new design yet, it is an excellent mattress that you can count on for comfort and support.

Superior comfort – Casper’s structure is excellent and a lot has gone into the engineering and design of the mattress. The springy memory foam used gives the right bounce and resilience without being a dreg in motion transfer.

Which One Should You Pick?

Both of these mattresses are superior and well matched. While Casper boasts being around for a longer time, Purple has stepped in with some special features which has seen it jump to the top to compete with some industry giants like the Tempur-pedic. They say that it is a $5,000 mattress that is selling for $1,000, and frankly speaking, we can hardly refute that.

One of the best ways to find the right mattress for you is by finding out how that mattress favors your sleeping style with respect to your body weight. This is because pressure points change with sleeping position and the weight exerted. This could prove to be tricky based on the density and the design of a mattress. Here are our findings based on the sleeping style and weight suitability on the two mattresses;

Side sleepers

For side sleepers, it is always good to find a mattress that is firm enough to keep your spine horizontal and also soft enough to contour to your body curves. For someone who weights between 120 – 230 pounds, Purple is an excellent option that you should consider. Someone less than 120 pounds might feel that they are floating and might lack the contouring experience and might need a soft mattress.

Casper appears too firm for some side sleepers. This is evident in lots of reviews from many Casper users. So if you don’t like your mattress too firm, then there is only one choice here, Purple.

Back Sleepers

These two mattresses almost draw on this one as both have what it takes to offer the much needed support.

The weight for a back sleeper is evenly distributed, but again you need to watch out for a mattress that sinks in especially on your hips where most weight and pressure seems to be concentrated. Both of these mattresses packs a punch, but since Purple has the upper hand on pressure relief, you may want to go with it.

Stomach Sleepers

If you are among the guys who love to lay on their bellies then you will be much comfortable sleeping on a firmer mattress. This will help with proper spine alignment and prevent it from bowing in as you sleep. Casper is more firm which makes it the ideal pick here. The comfort and support of stomach sleepers on Purple tends to drift away for heavier people thereby making Casper the champ on this.

Based on 120-230 lbs Persons Purple Ratings Casper Ratings
Side Sleepers A B+
Back Sleepers A B+
Stomach sleepers B A


Final Word:

Comparing the densities of both Purple mattress and Casper, someone who has been into the mattress industry can easily tell you that Purple has the upper hand. Although it is a new design, the resilience, density and support seem to be above Casper, which is what we all want in a mattress.

Both mattresses are excellent in almost every aspect, but if we were to pick or recommend one, it would be Purple, and that comes after analyzing and comparing almost everything there is to test in a mattress. Initially our ratings favored Casper, but over the past 8 months of having both mattresses and doing further testing, Purple has shown us impressive and substantial qualities that outshines Casper. Although their latest redesign is something, we’d still stick and recommend Purple over Casper.

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